The Voice of the Modern Buyer

Customers are increasingly choosing value-differentiated consultative sellers and marginalizing product jockeys. The challenge for leadership is to assess, adapt and re-skill their sales teams so they are aligned with the needs of the modern buyer. Selling to modern business customers becomes easier once you hear their voices.

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What Makes a Sales Person Elite?

Everyone wants a salesforce comprised of elite sales people. The question is how? The starting point is understanding the qualities that make “A” players different form everyone else. The next step is measuring your existing sales team and all sales candidates along three important dimensions (the Will to Sell, Sales DNA, and Tactical Skills)

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Thinking About Changing Your Sales Compensation Plan? Think Again!

We are frequently asked about sales compensation. In most cases, company leaders are considering changing their company’s sales compensation plan after sales performance fails to meet expectations. Management is hoping that modifying the sales compensation plan will motivate their sales force to find new business. Read why it rarely works.

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Thinking about Amazon?

The distributors that will succeed understand the new reality. They will have the courage to dive into the capabilities of your sales team to determine how well they are suited to selling in the age of Amazon is the first step and the foundation of everything that needs to be done to succeed.

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Hiring Millennials for Sales Roles

As Millennials enter sales organizations in greater numbers, we are increasingly asked how well-suited the new generation is for sales roles. The data is in. Here are the facts: Millennials are just like everyone else, so be careful when you hire. Elite salespeople are few and far between.

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The Key to Independent Distributor Success

U.S. Census Bureau data shows that the number of independent jan/san distributors has atrophied from over 24,000 in 1991 to 4,142 in 2012. Beating well-capitalized foes with ubiquitous market presence is not easy. However, there is a tremendous opportunity for those that understand that the market has changed and are willing to adapt.

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