Selling Value in the Age of Amazon

The evolution of “value” selling requires that sellers have special skills and abilities.  This clip discusses what it takes to successfully sell against non-traditional competitors.

Assess for Success

Chances of finding a sales superstar are low.
Five ways to weed out underperformers early…

Hire Better Sales
Reps in Six Steps

Finding ‘A’ players will result in higher product sales

Teaching A Cat To Fetch

Some sales reps are untrainable. Allocate
resources to those capable of improving

Coaching the ‘Coach’

Turn sales managers into successful coaches by improving three traits.

Sales Reps are the Difference Makers

Modern B2B sales mandates that your sales reps “be the value”

It’s Not Your Comp Plan

Thinking about modifying your sales compensation plan…think again.

What Makes an Elite Sales Person?

Everyone wants a salesforce comprised of elite sales people. The question is how?

Hiring Millennials for Sales Roles

How does the next generation compare to veteran sales reps?