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The Strategic Sell Series

Assess for Success

Chances of finding a sales superstar are low.
Five ways to weed out underperformers early…

Hire Better Sales
Reps in Six Steps

Finding ‘A’ players will result in higher product sales

Teaching A Cat To Fetch

Some sales reps are untrainable. Allocate
resources to those capable of improving

Coaching the ‘Coach’

Turn sales managers into successful coaches by improving three traits.

Sales Reps are the Difference Makers

The market dictates that sales reps are either your value proposition or they are overhead.

Knowledgeworx Video Resources

Sales Force Evaluation

Should you evaluate your current sales team?  What will you learn?

Knowledgeworx Podcast

How to “Sell Value”

Learn what it means to sell value and the key to differentiating your sales team in this podcast.