Coaching not Cojoling

After 20 years of collecting data and working with hundreds of sales managers, we know that fewer than 5% of sales managers have enough of the sales coaching skills to be highly effective. Are your sales managers simply telling your salespeople to make more calls or to “run faster”? If so, you are not alone!

The Sales Manager Challenge

Most sales managers are promoted into their role due to prior sales success. However, the skills and behaviors that make a successful salesperson do not necessarily translate to a great sales manager.

Coaching is a sales manager’s most critical role. Yet, this is where we typically see the weakest skills in our assessment findings.

We can help your organization develop the sales management skills needed to coach your team to selling success.

The 8 Keys to Sales Management Success:

  1. Efficiently debrief salespeople
  2. Conduct effective joint calls
  3. Ask quality questions of salespeople
  4. Identify and address the major performance factors
  5. Train and coach milestone-centric sales process
  6. Get commitment from salespeople
  7. Consistently coaches sales skills & behaviors
  8. Effectively on-boards new salespeople accuracy.